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This page lists the problems that are known not to have been solved yet.*There are also problems we think we've solved, but haven't, and problems we don't even realize need solving; but let's not even go there.

Current problems

All open problems

Marking problems

You can mark pages containing Open problems with {{open}}. Problems that are also marked as a Current Event ( using {{current}} ) will be shown as a Current problem.

You can close a problem by either removing the Open tag or by changing it to {{closed}}. However, the page will remain "open" until all of the Open tags are changed or removed; this could make it useful to use Open/Closed tags for multiple problems on a page.

Generally, unmarked problems can be found on investigation pages, excepting cases where the subject of the page is an open problem itself.

Note: If you change an entry and this page does not update, you may have to use the refresh/purge link at the top of this page, which is not the same as refreshing with your browser.