L0j1k found new number.

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18th september source

i'm pretty sure our new number is 2163379992

[00:18]	L0j1k	alright this is weird
[00:18]	L0j1k	calling from CD->888... i get so far two different, same-length numbers
[00:19]	L0j1k	6337999 on some calls, 8854240 on another
[00:19]	morningcoffee	oh
[00:19]	morningcoffee	weird
[00:21]	L0j1k	yeah this is really weird
[00:21]	L0j1k	oh shit
[00:21]	L0j1k	88542402
[00:21]	L0j1k	that's
[00:21]	L0j1k	that's cut out
[00:21]	L0j1k	8854240 == 8888542402
[00:22]	L0j1k	but cut
[00:22]	L0j1k	see it?!
[00:22]	L0j1k	so then
[00:22]	L0j1k	x6337999x
[00:22]	morningcoffee	oh, I see
[00:22]	L0j1k	or i mean xx6337999x
[00:22]	L0j1k	that's a new number for us!
[00:22]	L0j1k	lemme figure it out
[00:23]	L0j1k	oh shit
[00:23]	L0j1k	i bet it's 216337999x
[00:24]	L0j1k	216 == cleveland
[00:24]	morningcoffee	yeah that would make sense
[00:24]	morningcoffee	so just try that and go through 1-9 for the final digit
[00:24]	morningcoffee	and see if you get somewhere (and not just wake up some confused old lady :D)
[00:27]	L0j1k	i got a "jason"
[00:27]	morningcoffee	?
[00:27]	L0j1k	nice enough dude though
[00:27]	L0j1k	on 9996
[00:27]	L0j1k	hehe
[00:27]	morningcoffee	oh I see
[00:27]	morningcoffee	lol
[00:28]	L0j1k	i'm so excited we're about to get a new number!
[00:28]	morningcoffee	yay
[00:28]	morningcoffee	I'm glad I'm actually awake when something's happening for once haha
[00:28]	L0j1k	hehe
[00:29]	L0j1k	now on my favorit eon
[00:29]	L0j1k	9999
[00:30]	L0j1k	so 9997 and 9999 did not pick up
[00:30]	L0j1k	wait
[00:30]	L0j1k	9999 just went to voicemail
[00:30]	L0j1k	wtf
[00:31]	L0j1k	"to use 8888542402 for yoru callback number, press 1"
[00:31]	morningcoffee	? what does that mean?
[00:31]	L0j1k	it means that's our nunmber
[00:31]	L0j1k	holy fuck
[00:31]	L0j1k	that's the one
[00:32]	L0j1k	okay shit
[00:32]	L0j1k	this is awesome
[00:34]	L0j1k	ah shit lol
[00:34]	L0j1k	nevermind
[00:34]	L0j1k	hahahaha
[00:34]	morningcoffee	lol
[00:34]	L0j1k	i'm using 8888542402 as outbound
[00:34]	morningcoffee	oooohhhhhh
[00:34]	morningcoffee	OK
[00:34]	L0j1k	that's why it asked me to leave that callback number
[00:34]	morningcoffee	that message makes sense then
[00:34]	morningcoffee	yeah, I didn't really understand what it meant, but that makes sense
[00:35]	L0j1k	hehe
[00:36]	L0j1k	gave my 202 as a callback
[00:37]	L0j1k	how the fuck
[00:38]	L0j1k	we have 17 minutes left on the calling card
[00:38]	morningcoffee	wow what?
[00:38]	morningcoffee	wasn't it like 55 mins earlier?
[00:38]	L0j1k	yeah i have NO idea
[00:38]	L0j1k	yeah
[00:38]	L0j1k	65
[00:38]	L0j1k	how the fuck??
[00:38]	morningcoffee	it was 55 mins this morning
[00:39]	morningcoffee	about 15 hours ago
[00:39]	L0j1k	it was 65
[00:39]	L0j1k	literally an hour ago
[00:39]	L0j1k	65
[00:39]	morningcoffee	w_larsen said 55 this morning in chat
[00:39]	morningcoffee	maybe he just ttypoed
[00:39]	L0j1k	well he wasn't right
[00:39]	L0j1k	yeah
[00:39]	L0j1k	i've got plenty of recordings
[00:39]	L0j1k	an hour ago it was 65 minutes
[00:39]	morningcoffee	it must have been a typo
[00:39]	morningcoffee	someone must have been playing with it I guess
[00:40]	morningcoffee	PM! we need a new one!
[00:41]	L0j1k	fuck man
[00:41]	L0j1k	how's that happen?
[00:41]	morningcoffee	no idea
[00:41]	-->|	Rumel (~Rumel@S0106b88d1259b6c3.vc.shawcable.net) has joined #arg
[00:41]	L0j1k	i dialed cleveland direct from cleveland direct, but that didn't do anything weird
[00:41]	L0j1k	i mean
[00:41]	L0j1k	with the minutes
[00:41]	morningcoffee	someone or multiple people must have been playing with it... a lot
[00:41]	L0j1k	it did a feedback explosion
[00:41]	L0j1k	but yeah
[00:41]	L0j1k	wtf
[00:46]	L0j1k	i think it might be 216-337-9992
[00:46]	L0j1k	it's currently returning "user is busy" with no error or any message
[00:46]	L0j1k	JUST like 888 was doing most of the last couple of weeks
[00:46]	L0j1k	and it returns "invalid number" when dialed with CD
[00:46]	L0j1k	lurker69
[00:47]	L0j1k	i'm pretty sure i found a new number: 216-337-9992
[00:47]	L0j1k	all the ones from 9993-9999 actually terminate with genuine people (who all incidentally sound really nice)
[00:47]	morningcoffee	lurker changed nick to residue
[00:47]	L0j1k	9990 is a verizon error, and 9991 is voicemail of unknown person (actually 9999 is also unk voicemail)
[00:48]	L0j1k	residue
[00:48]	L0j1k	when did he do that?
[00:48]	L0j1k	after his 69? hehehe
[00:48]	L0j1k	
[00:48]	morningcoffee	earlier today
[00:48]	morningcoffee	lol
[00:48]	morningcoffee	eww
[00:48]	L0j1k	hehe
[00:48]	L0j1k	yeah you're def a chick lol
[00:48]	morningcoffee	oh, thanks for confirming, I wasn't sure
[00:48]	L0j1k	hahasorry
[00:48]	L0j1k	just always chicks sayign "eww"
[00:49]	morningcoffee	ahaha
[00:49]	=-=	YOU are now known as NiceLurk
[00:50]	NiceLurk	216-337-9992 loos like it could be our number
[00:50]	masso	ew, that'll cause confusion on Unfiction. lol
[00:51]	Diftraku	I bet we should just dial 216-337-OTP2, CODE 2#
[00:52]	Diftraku	would be really meta
[00:52]	L0j1k	nicelurk did you see the discovery process there?
[00:53]	NiceLurk	no, ill shck it later, or you can rewrite it in osme wiki article, after all you did it
[00:53]	NiceLurk	check*
[00:53]	L0j1k	well... i dialed 888 after a few times, both with CD and without
[00:53]	L0j1k	it gave me 6337999
[00:53]	L0j1k	in a voice
[00:53]	L0j1k	and only like one time out of five
[00:53]	L0j1k	and then i kept dialing it
[00:53]	L0j1k	and eventually it ONCE gave me 8854240
[00:53]	L0j1k	which is xx8854240x
[00:54]	L0j1k	so i figured xx6337990x
[00:54]	L0j1k	sorry
[00:54]	L0j1k	so i figured xx6337999x
[00:54]	L0j1k	and i figured 216
[00:54]	L0j1k	== cleveland
[00:54]	L0j1k	and then dialed 0-9
[00:54]	NiceLurk	888 is MoD ex Robby number right?
[00:54]	L0j1k	yeah
[00:54]	L0j1k	every number returned something known
[00:54]	L0j1k	and not creepy
[00:54]	L0j1k	excpet 9992
[00:54]	L0j1k	which returned "user is busy" with no error message on my VOIP
[00:54]	L0j1k	just like 888 has been over the last few weeks
[00:55]	NiceLurk	what did that number has on until today? "disocnnected" or "unavailable"
[00:55]	L0j1k	i'm pretty sure our new number is 2163379992
[00:55]	L0j1k	no, i just found it
[00:55]	L0j1k	i mean deduced it
[00:55]	L0j1k	if it's ours from the past, then i dunno
[00:55]	L0j1k	what it said
[00:55]	NiceLurk	bruteforced
[00:55]	L0j1k	well... yes, but only out of 10
[00:55]	L0j1k	
[00:55]	L0j1k	guessed 216
[00:55]	L0j1k	after seeing the rest of the number was "cut out"
[00:55]	L0j1k	since, you know... cleveland
[00:55]	L0j1k	
[00:56]	NiceLurk	i get the process
[00:56]	L0j1k	but i dialed 888 about fifteen times or so
[00:56]	L0j1k	only gave me 8854240 once
[00:57]	L0j1k	which was weird