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/ Dead-drop Agents
Activities     Traveling, Investigating areas, retrieving items
Location     any
Setting     Reality

Dead drop agents are OTP agents who have offered to help locate dead drops around the world.

Dead drops agents are where possible expected to have one OTP22 handler liaising via telephone/text message with them while searching for the drop. OTP agents in the field are expected to take photographs of their route and of their hunt for the drop, of the found item and it's location, and then to share the images either with the handler or the group in IRC. The images are used as proof of the find and will be documented on the wiki page for the drop. These and other guidelines are discussed at Field Protocols.

If the agent is totally new to the concept of ARGs and has not been involved with OTP22 previously they should read this guide prior to the drop: Dead drop agent guidelines.

IMPORTANT: You must read this page prior to any involvement in OTP22 Disclaimer

Drop Agent Signup Form

Signup here to enter your location and email. We'll contact you if there is ever a drop in your vicinity.

Current unsolved drops

See "Current Mysteries and Loose Ends" on Main_Page.

OTP agents and their locations


  • Whiskei - Central KS
  • catchmeifyoucan - Central PA
  • AnonXx - Central Florida - Pilot w/aircraft
  • Shidda - Southern California
  • Mixoux - Central Maryland
  • Dagon - Southern Idaho
  • Objurium - Southern California
  • SA_uwaeve - New England
  • Missy - Central Georgia
  • FPrefect - Central Valley California
  • richard_james_ii - NC, SC, VA
  • randomguy - West Michigan
  • wd-sa - NW OR
  • intervoid - SW (or more) Ohio
  • Arven (SA) - Western PA / Eastern Ohio
  • Evilreaver (SA) - Central/Upstate New York
  • Clofan (SA) - Arkansas, possibly TX or LA as well.
  • ExtraNoise (SA) - Western WA
  • Watuhboy (SA) - WA
  • psy_wombats (SA) - Rhode Island
  • Feranon (SA) - Missouri
  • adamj1982 (SA) - South Central Ohio
  • omnibobb (SA) - Delmarva
  • Mizuf (SA) - San Francisco Bay Area, California
  • GWBBQ (SA) - Southwest CT, can travel on most weekends
  • HiHo ChiRho (SA) - CT
  • XionFate - OH, Northern KY
  • PhantomBowie (SA) - Lubbock, Texas (West Texas, possibly east New Mexico)
  • lysol - IA
  • Beardy- Western MI
  • ToastyBrown (SA) - Nebraska, Southern Kansas, Southern South Dakota
  • Vargomax / dotalchemy / Knapkins - San Francisco
  • sevenpoundowl - Hawaii
  • nego - Chicago, IL
  • anarchy - Chicago, IL
  • Hiigaran - Salt Lake City, UT
  • GuestUser17 (UF/Twitter) - Georgia / Alabama
  • Sirrah - South Carolina/Georgia/North Florida/North Carolina
  • Shiny (Lurks IRC) - Denver, COb
  • cshepherd (IRC) - Florida Keys - have boats, can also roadtrip to Miami/Lauderdale or Everglades if absolutely necessary
  • Smugtrio (Sanchezz on SA) - SoCal, willing to drive a couple hours each way if need be.
  • kevin (IRC) - Seattle, WA
  • Davisson - Southwest Oregon
  • LordHeinrich - Tampa Bay Area/Central Florida

Rest of the world:

  • Nosfer - Republic of Korea, Seoul-Incheon area.
  • Buggy - Northern Ireland
  • Anonen - Mainland UK
  • Jakabite - Northern England
  • mutt - London
  • Crescent Unfiction - London
  • racecar - Finland
  • Cryofire - Hong Kong
  • Chamale (SA) - Calgary, Alberta, Canada
  • Rumel - Vancouver, BC, Canada
  • Lurker - Slovenia, EU
  • cynix - Sydney, Australia
  • Braco - Sydney, Australia
  • Tamo - Glasgow, Scotland, UK
  • Exnihilo - Kelowna, BC, Canada
  • Asirec - Limburg, The Netherlands
  • beerhungry - Malmo, Sweden
  • joaogro - Porto Alegre, Brazil

Honorable mention for previous drop agents

Past dead drop agents are honored for their efforts here with green ribbons: Hall of Legends