7th September Agent system downtime.

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Quotes are from LOGs of 6th 7th and 8th of September 2013. Timezone of timestamps is GMT - 4 (that means that 04:00 in logs is 08:00 GMT)

19:02 < Adah> hello! did you hear from dakich (i think?) yet about the dvd?
19:12 < L0j1k> hi
19:12 < L0j1k> sorry was messing with RAM... bought 32GB and one stick was bad... had to shuffle them inside the server to figure out which it was...
19:12 < L0j1k> hate that shit
19:13 < L0j1k> anyways, he said (this is awesome):
19:13 < L0j1k> <heavy bulgarian accent>: "Disk is on my car. On car cd play just one empty file." 
19:13 < L0j1k> so i'm like, cool man... if it's too hard to upload, you can just send it to me and i'll worry about it...
19:13 < L0j1k> then he's like
19:14 < L0j1k> <heavy bulgarian accent>: "Tomorrow or Sunday I send to you."
19:14 < L0j1k> <heavy bulgarian accent>: "Monday I ship to you."
19:15 < L0j1k> i was pretty blown away he got it so quick... i was expecting next weekend at the earliest... that was like one hour after we asked him
19:18 < Adah> hahahaha
19:18 < Adah> so he's going to send the file to you tomorrow/sunday and then send the dvd after?

00:10 < Adah> the 888 number is making the beeping fax-like noises again instead of the global crossing recording
00:19 < Adah> i'm so bored that i want to dial 22 again just to see what will happen
00:20 < Adah> did anyone ever try out the worm ordering agent code besides when we put the proceed code in?
00:32 < sauceman> heh, did PM's retroactive sales drive for Level3 end?
00:48 < Adah> hahaha
00:55 < L0j1k> beeping fax noises?
00:55 < L0j1k> upload a recording?
00:55 < Adah> someone did before
00:56 < Adah> i don't think they're anything really
00:56 < L0j1k> ahh
00:56 < L0j1k> cool
00:56 < L0j1k> "fax" to me means like... data... :) gets me excited
00:57 < L0j1k> i just had to set up a legacy fax machine on the VOIP asterisk pbx at work
00:57 < L0j1k> via ATA
00:57 < Adah> fax-like!
00:57 < L0j1k> blech
00:57 < L0j1k> :) that's why i asked :)
00:57 < Adah> hahaha
03:29 < Adah> calling the 303 number on my phone is giving me a busy signla
03:29 < Adah> *signal
03:29 < Adah> is that happening with everyone or did PM just get tired of me calling
03:29 < Adah> i'll try something on the dialer
03:36 < Adah> this is taking a pretty long time.
03:39 < Adah> yeah it's been 10 minutes and it didn't show up on the dialer, i hope i didn't break it
03:44 < Adah> yeah both agent system numbers are giving me the busy signal when i use my phone and the agent system recording i tried never went through
 03:44 < Adah> god i hope it's not jus recording forever
03:44 < Adah> *just
03:50 < Braco> Hey guys
03:50 < Adah> hello!
03:50 < Braco> was the drop recovered by a redditor?
03:50 < Adah> nope, one of the geocachers i think
03:50 < Braco> ok sweet
03:50 < Braco> will update the reddit thread
03:50 < Adah> we should get the files tomorrow or the next day and then he's sending the dvd to l0j1k i think
03:51 < Adah> also help i think i broke the dialer
03:51 < Braco> sweet
03:51 < Braco> what, how haha
03:51 < Braco> wouldnt be the first time
03:51 < Adah> i got a busy signal when i called the agent system on my phone so i made a call with the dialer to see if it was just my phone or something
03:51 < Braco> ya
03:51 < Adah> and the recording never showed up so now i'm paranoid that it's just recording a busy signal forever
03:52 < Braco> eh oh
03:52 < Adah> i'll try making another test call to the 709 number
03:53 < Braco> mwally controls the dialer, maybe ask him if its recording still
03:55 < Braco> lol i love the pic of the guy that found it
03:56 < Adah> oh good
03:56 < Adah> was the 709 number always this?
03:56 < Adah> i thought it used to be a ringtone
03:56 < Adah> recently
03:57 < Adah> oh it does turn into a ringtone
03:57 < Adah> hahaha
03:57 < Braco> lol
03:58 < Braco> weird that it goes from engaged tone to ringtone lol
03:58 < Adah> i think it used to just be the ringtone
03:59 < Adah> the last call on august 28th was just the ringtone yeah
04:02 < Adah> oh well
04:15 < Adah> the agent system is still a busy signal, huh
04:16 < Adah> i was just joking about dialing 22, i didn't actually do it
04:16 < Adah> i swear
16:47 < Adah> he probably should've told the guy to just post the iso here once he has it instead of having it sent to him privately though
16:48 < Adah> i guess we'll see when he gets here though
17:20 < Adah> agent system's still down
17:21 < Adah> maybe because the drop was picked up?
23:04 < Adah> so uh
23:04 < Adah> i guess no iso yet?
23:18 < TwiztedZero> No sir, Isobelle hasn't appeard anywheres near the horizon.
23:54 < Adah> agent system's still down
23:54 < Adah> has anyone checked MD?
23:59 < OTP22> we ever get that bulgeria drop contents
23:59 < Adah> not contents yet
23:59 < Adah> still waiting for that
23:59 < Adah> the drop was recovered though